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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

V7 Weapon System 11-Position Carbine Buffer Tube

V7 Weapon Systems makes a whole host of upgraded parts for the AR-15, and their new Carbine buffer tube is no exception.

This tube is an 11-position unit and is constructed out of a 2055 lithium/aluminum alloy.  When I first found out that it was an 11-position tube, I was skeptical of the design, wondering how they got that many positions on a standard-length buffer tube.

After shooting with it, I can say I'm a believer. It uses an ingenious double-cut system to essentially turn each position on the standard buffer tube into two.

When I first opened the package, I wondered what I was going to do with all those positions, and why anyone would need all those options.  The truth is in using it.  I tend to mark my stocks with my preferred positions, one for shooting nose to charging handle, and one a little further back. They both felt a little like compromises, but they worked well enough.

The V7 tube lets you dial the stock in to your perfect preference, and I really like that. Especially for shooting prone.  I never felt like I could get the right cheekweld when shooting prone, and this tube really helps me get the stock just where I need it.

The tube locks up solidly with any of the stocks I used on it, including standard CAR stocks, the MFT Minimalist, MFT BUS, Magpul MOE, Magpul CTR, and the Strike Industries Viper stock, which always seemed a bit rattly on most tubes, as it is sized to fit commercial and Mil-spec tubes.

The V7 tube features an extended lip to aid in indexing with the retainer pin, and to prevent carrier tilt.  The machining on it is excellent as usual for V7 parts, and if any buffer tube can be considered sexy, this one is at least on par with the PWS Enhanced tube.

The V7 tube pars well with a Spike's Tungston Buffer

The construction feels lighter an more rigid than a standard tube, and the design is very well thought out. This tube will really shine in the 3-gun and competition shooting world where having a rifle tuned the way you want it is key.  Being able to perfectly set your stock length for your desired cheekweld and eyebox of your optic is a huge plus, and a must if you are tuning every detail of your rifle. If you are the kind of shooter that spends hours on setting up your rifle's grip placement, handguard setup, optics mount, and grip, or you own an adjustable gas block, this should be on your shopping list.

If you are building a high-end rifle for competition or just replacing old part and want more options, this is a great choice.  If you have a chance to try one, you'll find the sweet spot that will make going back to standard stocks feel like they just don't fit right.

Get yours at V7 Weapon Systems, and if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to them, they are a pleasure to deal with.

Stay accurate.


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