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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Ruger BX25 Magazine Disassembly

The Ruger BX25 is a tremendous factory magazine offering for the Ruger 10/22 rifle, and is also compatible with the Charger pistol series. In factory and most after-market stocks they have an amazing reputation for smooth feeding at even fast rates of fire. Unlike most other 25 round capacity 10/22 magazines such as some of the Shooter's Ridge selections, these can be easily opened up for a detailed cleaning of the inside. As with most rimfire firearms, they can tend to get quite a lot of powder residue from voluminous firing, leading to a need for disassembling to clean.

Despite the overwhelming ease of take-down, some are hesitant to take apart magazines or accessories without experience out of fear of breaking it. To open the magazine, start first by simply removing the two 3/32" hex screws on the side, and set them aside. Then the magazine splits lengthwise down the middle:

After it has been split, the feed lip, follower and spring can be pulled out together:

These parts can further be separated to be cleaned thoroughly of all powder residue:

Once all the parts have been cleaned, follow the steps in reverse to reassemble. Properly cleaned and maintained, there's no reason these magazines should ever fail you, excluding the unfortunate breaking of the plastic body or unfortunate ammunition defect. There are plenty of reviews available out on the internet of people who have run thousands of rounds through them and still perform magnificently.

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