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Friday, August 30, 2013

Arch Frame Target Carrier By TacStrike

Kinetic Concepts Tactical

Offered by TacStrike, the Arch Frame Target Carrier is a great training tool which makes range setup and modification a breeze. These are designed to eliminate the majority of problems that target holders with flat bases have with being set up on uneven ground.

They definitely perform as advertised, working on virtually any type of surface, and work well on slight inclines of terrain also. This performance is accredited to the base design being arched, as opposed to a flat plane. Measured from flat ground, there is a clearance of 1.5" on the top of the arch.

The carrier itself is constructed from steel, and is built to accommodate 1x2” and 2x2” wooden uprights. The slots which hold the wooden supports have a 9/16” anchor bolt, which is loosened to allow the supports to slip in, and can then be tightened to hold them in place.

We have noticed that even after they are anchored in with 2x2” wood beams, there is a little bit of play as you lift and move the targets. This can be reduced by placing a small piece of sheet metal between the bolt and the wooden support, which spreads the pressure more evenly, rather than digging into the board.

In the center of the carrier is an eyelet that you can use to anchor it to the ground using a stake. It is also possible to use a weighted item such as a sandbag to hold the target carrier in place, but any on-hand item found could work to such as a larger rock or piece of wood.

The distance between the slots for the uprights is 16" wide measured from the adjustment bolts, which works perfectly with standard IPSC torso targets. You can also use plain square sheets of cardboard or thin wooden boards to attach paper or adhesive targets to as well.

A barrier and window templates made from cardboard attached to the wooden uprights.

There is a variety of other applications that you can implement these target carriers to fit, one being a very lightweight barrier. By attaching a large section of cardboard or thin wood to the supports, you have a wall section which can be easily set up and moved around the range for different training scenarios.

You can also use barriers with windows cut into them to simulate shooting through windows or openings. There are many different applications that this product can be adapted to fit into, and as we think of and test more, we will be displaying them here.

TacStrike itself is a wonderfully operated company, and Rob Tackett is a very busy man. Before I ordered my set of Arch Frame Target Carriers I called TacStrike to confirm availability, and Rob picked up the phone right away and answered my questions in a very professional and friendly manner. As pictured above, he even wrote a thank you on my order's packing slip. This gave me a feeling of a very personal connection that Rob has with his customers, and has guaranteed me as a returning purchaser.

You can view the Arch Frame Target Carriers and TacStrike's entire product line at
Kinetic Concepts Tactical

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