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Monday, May 27, 2013

DeSantis Intruder Holster

I have been searching for a new concealed holster for my EDC (Every Day Carry), a Glock 17 for some time now. Before the switch, I had been using one of the cheap, leather pancake holsters as you see below.

They work, but there are a couple issues that had arisen from its use. Due to there being no support above the waistline, the handgun's slide serrations tend to dig into one's side, especially while driving, or sitting in a smaller seat. The draw from these types of holsters can be a little difficult, especially with a smaller handgun such as a Glock 19, due to how low the pistol sinks into them. Another thing that was slightly worrying was the fact that there is no retention system with these style of holsters besides the sheer friction of the belt being tightened around them. The lack of retention is especially noticed while wearing the holster in an open carry position on the outside of a belt. In comes the replacement holster, the Intruder series by Desantis Gunhide.

This particular model of Intruder holster offered by DeSantis is for right handed use of the following Glock pistol line: 17/19/26/34 (9MM), 22/23/27 (40S&W), 31/32/33 (357SIG). There are models of this holster for both right and left hand use of many different handguns. From the company's own description:

"The Intruder is designed for both concealment and comfort. It is tuck-able and adjustable for both height and cant. The holster back consists of top grain premium steer-hide and the leather front component is finished with a supremely durable polyurethane film for lasting beauty. Each Intruder is molded from genuine Kydex sheet to exact specifications. Available in black."

As with most things, it pays to be patient. I had been researching this product for awhile, waiting for a price tag that jumped out at me. These usually retail from DeSantis at $62.99 plus shipping, which some would argue is not a terrible price for a quality holster. Yet and still, I was able to order mine through new for $42.99 with free shipping. The way I see it, that $30 can buy two extra boxes of ammo to train with.

The holster is very comfortable to wear, and distributes the weight very well on a belt. The section of leather that sticks above the belt line works well to pad the slide serrations from rubbing against one's side, a feature missing from many IWB holsters. My particular model of Glock, with the Rough Texture Frame does cause a small amount of irritation on my side, but that is eliminated with the wearing of an undershirt.

The retention system itself is very effective, holding the handgun firmly in place without any rattling or shifting. Yet with a purposeful draw, the pistol is easily removed. A nice feature to note on this holster compared to the pancake style holster is that the grip sits above the rest of the holster, where previously the pistol sat much further down and the grip was touching the top of the holster. With the Intruder, this allows for a much more consistent and easier draw as one can attain their full positive grip on the handgun before it even leaves the holster.

The belt clips have raised sections which dig into the leather to lock the cant angle in place, ensuring that the holster does not rotate while attached. While worn, the clips lock very securely onto belts, such as the 5.11 Tactical Operator Belt shown below which has a width of 1.75". It can be sort of a pain to take the holster off after wearing, but this is a slight inconvenience considering that the holster will not come off until it is desired to. The best method for putting the holster on or taking it off is to place it in the desired position within the waistband, and then slipping the belt through your belt loops and the holster's clips at the same time. The same is true in reverse, as it is much easier to remove in this manner than to pull the clips off of the still fitted belt.

After several weeks of wearing the holster, it is showing no signs of wear and tear, and the belt clips have not had any issues with the screws backing out. After a small amount of practice, re-holstering is a breeze even without having to glance down while doing so. This is another feature lost on the pancake holsters, as they simply collapse within the waistband after the draw, requiring some fuss with a greater possibility of muzzle sweeping one's self. Some would argue that the ability to re-holster a handgun quickly can be just as important as drawing. An example of this would be if one were to respond to an active shooter situation. After a threat has been dealt with, it would not be prudent to still have a handgun out once law enforcement personnel arrive on the scene.

All in all this is a great holster option by DeSantis, and the price made it a superb deal. The features work flawlessly, and the durability should withstand the test of time. Of course any issues that occur will be documented here as they arise, as there are only several weeks of use logged into the piece of gear thus far.

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  1. I agree with many of your points about the DeSantis Intruder. The best part about it is that it combines the traditional leather feel with a reinforced overlay for extra stability and durability.