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Thursday, August 23, 2012

TacStrike Targets-Cardboard IPSC Targets -first impressions

So, THIS shows up at my place yesterday...

 Yup, a bunch of IPSC targets, target overlays, and a bunch of ammo to shoot said targets with. That said, TacStrike's business is steel.  Steel targets, frames, stands, you name it, they make it, and if not, they can probably figure out how.

So.... why did I buy cardboard targets from a company that makes steel target systems?  Well, a few reasons.  One, I needed some targets, and TacStrike is on my shopping list.  Can I get them cheaper somewhere else?  Probably.  There's always someone who's willing to go a penny lower to sell more than the other guy.  Which brings us to point two.  From what I've seen and heard of TacStrike owner Rob Tackett, he's a stand up guy, and busier than hell lately.   A busy guy in a small business has more than his hands full.  Ordering from a small outfit can be problematic, as getting everything to the post can be a challenge as you wait for production to be filled, orders to be packed, and the fact that whatever you ordered seems to be the last thing a shipment is waiting for.

Target zones and scoring letters are cleanly defined.

So, I sent in the order the night of August 16, pretty late in the evening.  Got an order confirmation right away, as well as a chance to review my order.  Ok, cool. Placed an ammo and parts order from Palmetto State Armory.  They're usually pretty quick too. No one so far is as fast as Bravo Company USA though.  Those people, wow.  If you want something faster than a Jimmy John's sub, they're the way to go.

Anyways, distractions aside, both orders, placed on the same day, arrived the same day, August 23.  Both in great condition, all documented.  

So shipping from TacStrike is generally as fast as I've seen with some of the big parts and gear dealers.   Pretty good for a small company.  

Now to go out and shoot the hell out of their stuff.

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