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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Blue Alpha Gear EDC Belt

Blue Alpha Gear have released  line of 1.5" EDC belts, and I was lucky enough to snag on when they came out to take a peek at their new gear.  Their first release included a Cobra buckle for durability and the excellent locking and release system.  Recently, they released a lower-cost model with a plastic SR buckle.

The belt is stiff, about as stiff as my First Spear Assaulter's belt, but it's easier to put on and take off due to the thinner material.  It holds up my normal EDC Glock 17 with an Inforce APL like a champ, and has worked well for daily and range use.

I've been using one of their tan belts for a few months now, and it works great for EDC, range or just walking around.  It's not so big that it feels bulky or binds when you move, and not so thin as to be flimsy.

I carry a G17 with an APL as my daily gun in an IWB rig and the belt has not worn or frayed under normal wear and range use.

The Cobra buckle is a great piece, and once it clicks you know your belt is locked and good to go.  I've not tried the SR buckle version, but if it's anything like it's predecessor, it's a solid piece of gear.  The male ends of both buckles are removable for threading through smaller belt loops.  The belts are hand-stitched in the USA, and come with a lifetime warranty.  They currently come in black, Coyote Brown, and Wolf Gray.

Get your Blue Alpha Gear belts here.  They currently sell for $49.97 for the Cobra buckle version, and a mere $24.97 for the SR buckle version.

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