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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Axios Holster

On behalf of all of us here at KCT we'd like to introduce you to a holster that is unlike anything else in the kydex market today, the Axios holster from KCT Kydex.

After careful testing, tweaking and designing, we have molded a holster with a wide range of compatibility previously only attained by using cloth, nylon or pouch style holsters. The main design of the combat handgun has not changed much over the years, so by using shared geometric tolerances we can create one holster that accommodates many different pistols with equally reliable retention.

Below is the list of handguns that the Axios is compatible with so far, as we are constantly finding more less-common models and brands that are compatible with the system:

Glock - Every model excluding the 42
S&W - Any M&P excluding Shield or Bodyguard
Springfield - Any XD, XD-M, or XD-S
Ruger - SR9, SR40, SR45
Sig Sauer - P220, P226, P228, P229 models
Walther - PPQ, PPX
Steyr - M, M-A1, S, and S-A1 Series

All told, so far this is over 120 individual models that can be used with one holster. The open-bottom design compliments the shared geometries, allowing any barrel length to be used no matter which model is being carried. The open-bottom also acts to easily remove any debris that may enter the holster during movement within certain environments. There is also ample room molded in to accommodate any iron sights, including fiber-optic, tritium and suppressor sights.

Reviews coming soon!

We feel this holster design would be ideal for those that own several handguns from the above list, as it eliminates the need for purchasing a kydex holster for each model individually. An example would be someone with a S&W M&P-22 plinker for the range, and a Glock 26 for concealed carry. With an Axios, you can seamlessly transition between the two handguns without the need for swapping out gear. If you own several or more handguns which are compatible, the convenience only continues to increase.

Our goal since beginning to design and produce kydex gear in Q4 of 2013 has been to create items that have a lot of versatility, as well as being very affordable. It is in this manner that we have arrived to this particular design, and we still intend to keep the holster at a price that anyone can afford. The Axios holster is available through our web store for only an extra $10 over our other standard holster models.

With the extreme pistol versatility, different carry methods, and 43 different color combinations to choose from, you're guaranteed to find the exact match for your gear needs. The Axios is available as a model selection for each of our holster items in the store.

"Axios!" (Greek ἄξιος, "[he is] worthy") is an acclamation of faith. "Axios!" was said by Gnaeus Domitius Corbulo as he fell on his own sword after being commanded to do so by Nero.

What others are saying:

"Got it yesterday... very cool. Was out with my Sig.. impressed the hell out of the guys when I was able to grab a Glock 19 and toss it in!" - S.O., Goldens Bridge, NY

"The Axios is by far the best all-around holster I have found so far. I have owned a FOBUS holster and a leather concealment holster for my S&W M&P40, and they both pale in comparison. The Axios holds the gun tight, so I don't have to worry about it when running, and the thing is dang-near indestructible, so I don't have to worry about sitting on it wrong or breaking it off while hopping into a car like I did with my military issued M9 Blackhawk holster. As if this all wasn't enough, upon request, the guys over at KCT modified the design of the beltloops for me to create a tuckable design that they hadn't had before. That is customer service you won't get from the big guys. All in all, great design by a great company." - SSgt Potter, E-5, USAF

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