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Saturday, November 9, 2013

KCT Kydex

Gear worth putting a belt on for.

Thank you for your interest in our line of kydex goods! Please see images of our products below. To place an order, follow the link below to our web store:

Our products are 100% made in the USA. The material, hardware and shipping supplies are all made in America, and the products are hand-crafted in Grand Rapids, MI.

At Kinetic Concepts Tactical we don't just make this gear to sell it, we make it to use ourselves too. Our staff has Michigan issued Concealed Pistol Licenses, and we use our own holsters and magazines carriers daily. By doing so, we understand the level of quality, comfort and practicality needed for the product. Our designs are also thoroughly tested to ensure proper retention, durability, draw and re-holstering are achieved.

Multi-Glock holster in Multicam with dual mag carrier.

When placing an order with us, please keep in mind that we started this brand and project as a passion for the shooting sport and community, and all of the KCT staff also work full time jobs during the week.

It is our goal to develop and provide quality gear to the professional and responsible civilian shooting community at a very desirable price point. Our manufacturing process is efficient, and we don't feel the need to charge $70+ for a basic holster like other companies out there. This way you still have funds left over to purchase more ammo to train with and other gear.

Carry Methods:

Low-Mass - OWB Loops:

The Low-Mass gear uses integrated belt loops to reduce the overall material and uses no hardware, which leads to a lighter weight item that is durable, low-file and reliable. No standard hardware makes these holsters absolutely maintenance free. By default our loops are designed for up to 1.75" belt widths, which also works for belts that are narrower.

Customers may specify an exact belt size when ordering for a precise match. The material above the Low-Mass loops is flared outwards for comfort, so the top of the holster or carrier does not dig into one's side.

Kopis - OWB Loops:

This Outer-Wasitband holster utilizes two molded .125" kydex belt clips to carry the gear on the belt line which are attached with screw sets and secured with blue loc-tite. This option would be for those which are used to holsters with the standard style of belt clips, and don't want to pick up one of our Low-Mass holsters with integrated belt loops.

The Kopis was a standard weapon carried by Greek Hoplites, and the term is applied here as an analogy to the weapon that those with the warrior-mindset use today.

Belt loops come standard to accept belts up to 1.75" in width unless otherwise specified while ordering. These still work well with belts which are 1.5" wide also.

Element II - IWB:

The Element II Holster is extremely compact size while still using two belt clips for rigidity on the belt while carried. The front of the holster on the top is scalloped to provided an easier access to re-holster the pistol.


Our molle-mount is unlike any other that has been brought to market yet. This gives you the option to carry a holster on gear with MOLLE/PALS webbing without having to worry about extra hardware that needs to be adjusted or maintained. This will work with Mil-spec spaced gear, which has 1" wide nylon webbing, with 1" spacing between the rows.

The holster utilizes two rows of webbing for stability to ensure a tight hold on the vest, belt, etc. Full sized handguns such as the Glock 17 or 1911 will utilize all of this space, while sub-compact handguns like the Keltec PF9 or S&W Bodyguard will have some area below the mold which is "empty". Horizontally, the holster uses five columns of webbing, however a traditional style pouch can be mounted to the last column on either side, as shown here:

Affix - Mounted Holster

The Affix holster gives you the option of mounting a holster to any static surface where quick access to a pistol is needed. This will work for under a desk, behind a piece of furniture in the home, or in a vehicle. The bend can be ordered as a 45° Left, 90° Left, 90° Right, or 45° Right angle measured from the top of the slide.

What are customers saying?

"I have been carrying my shield in your holster everyday since I got it. It is very comfortable to wear. I have practiced every night drawing and re-holstering. It's butter smooth." - J. A.

"I really like my holster I purchased for my Glock 19." - J. K.

"Thanks guys, fits like a glove and is super comfortable. Reholstering is a piece of cake." - R.C.

"Thanks guys got my holster for my XDS. And the one for the G42 is a great fit!!" - M.T.


  1. Great .380 Holster, awesome customer service, and can't wait for the MOLLE mount!

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